Veterans beware of USAA!  It’s time for us to rethink who has our best interests at heart when it comes to our finances.  Is this grandiose bank the ideal candidate or should we consider going local with our home loans, insurance and retirement planning?  Most of us already assume that going local means spending more and saving less,  but what if I told you that isn’t so?  What if I told you that going local can actually save you tens of thousands of dollars throughout the life of owning your home?

As a former military spouse and Army brat I had come to accept that one of the world’s largest financial institutions was the best choice for keeping my money safe, not because there weren’t hundreds of others, but because I had been lead to believe it was the right choice, the obvious choice and the only choice every smart military connected person made.  Known as a “military-friendly” bank with “we stand by you” as one of their mottos, how can we not think they are a safe place for us to call home to our finances, insurance, retirement planning, or even our mortgage loans?    Sorry, but there are just too many unhappy consumers that tell a different story  Read the USAA Reviews HERE:

Perhaps USAA isn’t the better choice for Veterans after all.

Veterans Beware of USAA Part 2

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