The time has finally arrived! The job offer on the East Coast you have been waiting for is confirmed. Last weekend you had a huge garage sale in an attempt to declutter and get rid of the stuff you no longer need and fixed some maintenance items you have been meaning to get to over the past 6 months. Just a few more details needing your attention, like the carpets that need a good cleaning and a few walls that require a fresh coat of paint. You are almost ready to put your home on the market. The difficult decision of who will sell it has kept you awake the past several nights. Will you sell it as a For Sale by Owner? You’re thinking you may be up for the challenge. Will you hire the discount broker whose ads have covered your Facebook wall recently? Maybe! Afterall, if you pay less broker fees, that means more money in your pocket, right?!!! OR! Should you interview the Realtor your friend Bob recommended at dinner last week? So many options, but knowing which is the best one seems challenging at the moment with everything else you have going on. Stop and BREATHE. The decision really isn’t so difficult.

1. The Selling it yourself Option or FSBO:

According to The National Association of Realtors “FSBOs accounted for 8% of home sales in 2015. The typical FSBO home sold for $185,000 compared to $240,000 for agent-assisted home sales.” Source

The bottom line here is that trying to sell your home yourself may net you tens of thousands of dollars less than if you used a Realtor. There is a lot more to selling your home than sticking a For Sale sign in your front yard.

2. Selling it with a Discount Broker:

One of my biggest pet peeves in the Real Estate Industry! Why would you hire a Broker who is so willing to reduce their commission, yet expect them to handle your money in the highest regard? If they can’t even negotiate with their own money, why would you think they will negotiate with yours? From the financial aspect of selling your home, the focus shouldn’t be on commission costs, but on your net return. You could save $9000 on commission, yet sell your home for $15,000 less because you selected a “bargain agent” who couldn’t negotiate their own commission and definitely won’t be able to negotiate your sale price. You really do get what you pay for! Bargain agents will skimp on marketing costs, time invested in YOU and won’t advise you with honesty and integrity.

3. Hiring an experienced Realtor:

In a great market, everyone is successful . . . FSBO’s, discount brokers, new agents, old agents and bad agents. However, great markets don’t last and they are fleeting. Successful Realtors sell homes in every market, even the bad ones because their systems and processes are in place. Shifting markets are when the best agents shine and the smart ones understand this and welcome this shift because they know they can sell homes regardless of what the market is doing.

Hire an agent who makes YOU their top priority and is not afraid to be honest and upfront about your home’s value and what you need to do in today’s market to get your home sold. This relationship should always be a TEAM effort where the agent and seller work together with one goal . . . to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. A great agent knows their worth and what this is worth to you!

By Christina Moreno, The MORENO Group, Keller Williams Diamond Partners, Inc

We recently sold a home for $15,000 above list price because we understand the market, we understand what having a relationship with our sellers looks like and we understand how to negotiate. It’s what we do! Our goal is to help you achieve your goals in a timely manner with less headache and net you the most money possible. We would love to help you get your home SOLD! Call us today at 913.680.7045