With temperatures falling to 10 degrees this morning, I found myself wondering what things around the home I hadn’t accomplished in preparation for the cold weather. The last few months have been a bit hectic since making my career change and I’ve been playing catch-up around the home. So, like a good 21st Century man, I googled the Internet for checklists and guides. By far, the most important things we should accomplish involves our plumbing, our roofs, and insulation.

Outdoor hoses. It’s important to put away your outdoor hoses and turn off shut-off valves to outdoor faucets. With a hose connected, water can back-up in the pipe and freeze. Depending on where the break occurs (indoors or outdoors) can be the difference between $200 and $5000 worth of costly repairs and reclamation.

Roofs and gutters. Cleaning out gutters and inspecting you roof ensures that ice dams don’t redirect water where you don’t want it. Clogged gutters, with water eventually freezing, can cause the gutters to split and possibly allow water to damage home trim. If ice builds up on your roof, when thawing occurs this can allow water to find its way under shingles and into your home.

Insulation. Check for drafts around outer doors and windows. Replace the insulation, or re-caulk window seals. It will save you money in the long run and reduce the cold drafts. You may also want to inspect the rubber seals on each window. Replacement of these seals will likely require a specialist.

Here are two of the sites I reviewed to improve my winter preparations:

House Logic – Preparing for Winter

Farmer’s Insurance – Home Checklist for Winter

With winter fully upon us, bundle up and enjoy the season. I’m an avid runner and continue to run even when the temps near 0 degrees. It’s all about being prepared and wearing the proper clothing. Cozy homes everyone!

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